Puppy Socials and Social Breaks

Puppy Socials and Social Breaks

Puppy Socials are back for 6-16 week old puppies! These 1 hour, in person, groups are back at TBC and using The Yard.  Held twice a month, the Social allows for puppies to play with each other to learn normal canine behavior and interactions. We also add in weird noises like fireworks or children playing while the puppies explore new objects they may not see at home.  Wheelchairs, crutches, people in weird costumes are all part of a Puppy Social at TBC!  Our team members also answer questions about puppy behavior and teach 1-2 basic skills. 

Puppy Social Breaks continue to be popular!  This is a drop off, play and socialization session with other puppies at The Behavior Clinic!  On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon's we open up The Yard and one of the consult rooms for puppies 6-16 weeks of age.  You'll call ahead, book your puppy for the session, we'll meet you in our gated vestibule and bring your puppy in for 30 minutes of activity with other puppies and novel items. We also provide a video link for you to watch from your car so you know how your puppy did that day!    

We know not all puppies are big puppies.  Our Tiny Tots group is dedicated to tiny dogs - yorkies, maltese, cavaliers, chihuahua's - anything that will be less than 15 lbs when it's an adult is a Tiny Tot!  These little one's get the benefit of socialization without the concern getting squished accidentally by a goofy labrador.  These puppies are encouraged to also come to a Puppy Social or class where they can also see larger puppies in a different, more formal setting. 

If you, or someone you know has a puppy, please share our information!  To register call: 440-334-8534   

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