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New for 2023! Our Pet Education Center

Those of you who have behavior therapy appointments may have gotten a sneak peak at our new location at 25222 Sprague Road just around the corner from the Clinic.   The PEC is a large, open space with rubber flooring that is set up for any training that needs extra room.  This means working on scary people and dogs, recalls, loose leash walking, and classes. Click here to go to the PEC Site! 

Classes are now able to be held in the evenings and during the day for puppies and adult dogs.  Private training is also available for dogs who Do Not  need to see the Doctor and we are looking forward to offering services on Fridays and Saturdays as we grow.   

We also have a private self-bathing room for our patients! This large tub has a non-slip bottom, ramp and it's booked by appointment only so you don't run into other dogs/people.  We provide warm water, suds and clean up. At this time we have not found a quiet dryer yet that won't scare the dogs  - but there are lots of towels! 

Link For Classes:  

Exploring new substrates!


Fear FreeTM Happy Homes

Our team is involved in the Fear Free TM movement! Check out this website for tipes, tricks, deals and other great information on helping your pet be Fear Free! 

Fear Free Happy Homes


Feline Behavior Guidelines

Download a pdf of The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Feline Behavior Guidelines for scientifically-proven cat behavior information.

Feline Behavior Guidelines

Living With Kids and Dogs (Without Losing your Mind!)

This is a fantastic website with information on living safely with kids and dogs as well as canine body language. 

Living with Kids and Dogs




This 501c3 non-profit group aims to prevent dog bites through education.


White Noise CDs for Pets

Help your pet relax and tune out stressful noises through the use of white noise! 

White Noise CDs




Ceva Pet Rewards

This website has rebates and discounts that are available on Ceva Animal Health products including Senilife, Feliway and Adaptil

 Ceva Rewards



The Blue Dog: Creating Safe Relationships between Kids & Dogs

This site aims to create safe relationships between children ages 3-6 and their dogs.

The Blue Dog

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