I am officially a believer in The Behavior Clinic's web-based training! Our muzzle training had been going very slowly and it was frustrating not to be making much progress. In a single session, the behavior technician was able to make some keen observations about my dog's behavior, recommend specifics to improve my training, and provide suggestions for alternative approaches. She was also encouraging of our progress and inspired me to keep working toward our goal. By the time we had our second session a few weeks later, my dog was happily wearing his muzzle! Without the specific guidance we received, I'm not sure when (or if) we would have gotten past our training plateau.

Abigail and Toby
Columbus, OH

We came a couple of years ago with a fear aggressive corgi (named Scooter)... He is on Prozac which I can tell helps but he has also been in training in obedience and is working off leash with one of our other corgis (they were fighting)- I can now get Scooter out during the day and he can be with my other three dogs as well as all family members... The other day I had all four sleeping together on the bed- I wished I had taken a picture! I know that training and working with him is the key but I can see him let go of things that he would have reacted to before the Prozac. He does stand for exams off leash with all kinds of people examining him and we used to not be able to touch most of his body. He has made a lot of progress and I am so pleased to let you know that you helped with this. I also know that he will always have a tendency towards these behaviors but things are definitely improved. I have started him in tracking hoping to use him in tracking lost pets!

Kathy A

I really like your follow-up emails and calls for several months after the evaluation. The suggestions are needed and appreciated so we can help our pups adjust. Thanks so much for all your help so far!

Tom K.
Parma, Ohio

..the job you do has helped me tremendously and I feel that all your teachings and support are a Godsend. Thank you!!

Cathy S.
Parma, Ohio

Ginger would growl and snarl when I gave her the food bowl, ‘attacking’ it as it hit the ground! Dr. Feltes showed me some things to do with her to reduce the aggressive actions that I saw. She is learning the limits and appears to be doing much better.

Yvonne C.
Parma, Ohio

We enjoy our pet SO much more than we did before we had help from Dr. Feltes. Our pet had severe separation anxiety, resource guarding aggression, noise phobias, conflict-related aggression & predatory aggression. Before, we were so frustrated with her and did not even want to interact with her. She could sense our disgust. Now, we spend quality time together!

Christy & Jamie B
Akron, Ohio

Harvey has "claimed" certain items of the babies ever since they arrived. This possessive behavior carried through to their toys and food, which brought us to see Dr. Feltes. Harvey has responded great with the clicker training and the children like getting involved with giving commands. Overall, Harvey has become more obedient, learning her place in the family, and the children have become more confident playing with and giving treats to the dog. Thank you!

Kelly C.
Brunswick, Ohio

We had tried a lot of different things trying to get Roofus to stop peeing on the bed and furniture. Nothing worked and then we were very fortunate to hear about Dr. Feltes… After a very thorough interview process…the rest is history. Roofus continues to be a very happy, social kitty, but without any more peeing issues, and Julie and I are very happy now too!! Thank you for helping.

Joe D.
Strongsville, Ohio

Madison was completely stressed out all the time and not a happy animal… Dr. Feltes has taught us how to get her more comfortable with her surroundings and ensuring her that she is safe with us… She has become a much more enjoyable and manageable pet… There was a time when I wasn’t sure of the outcome for her future but, she is ensured a long happy life with us!

Trish A
Rocky River, Ohio

I wanted to let you know that Sammy is doing very well. He and (my daughter) have become good friends. (He has).. far passed my expectations! Thanks for all your help.

Allison B.
Strongsville, Ohio

I have a 15 year old rescue dog with a lot of anxiety and a history of biting when scared or startled. We are definitely a success story! Dr. Feltes and her team of veterinary techs have been wonderful to work with. My vet referred us to The Behavior Clinic, several years ago, after my dog bit our dog sitter pretty severely. Dr. Feltes and her team observed and assessed my dog, and arrived at diagnoses and a treatment plan that included training for both of us, lots of education about dog behavior and how to manage it safely and successfully, and medication to help with the dog's fear and anxiety. Pet owner and pet safety are always top of mind at The Behavior Clinic, and they carefully worked with us to reduce the snapping and biting incidents at home. The team (shouts out to Rachel. Amanda and Danielle) are experienced, helpful and compassionate. I highly recommend The Behavior Clinic.

Mary P.
Shaker Heights

I had adopted two dogs thinking I knew a lot about dogs. One of my dogs ended up having a lot of behavior and anxiety issues and I was at the end of my rope. I didn't know what to do and we were thinking we might have to return her which was the last thing I wanted. The Behavior Clinic was understanding, provided lots of support, and has been flexible and adjusted my dog's treatment based on our situation and need. Turns out my other dog had a lot of anxiety issues I didn't recognize because he didn't display them outwardly. Now I have an incredible bond with both of them, and I feel like I finally speak their language.

Jennifer R.
Mogadore, OH

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