Covid, Curbside Care & Classes

Covid, Curbside Care & Classes

Behind the scenes at TBC we have had our hands full this year.  From figuring out out if we could stay open and take care of our patients, to learning how to do curbside care - it's been a challenge.  We are so thankful for all our client's have done to support us, and our services. As the practice manager, I can tell you that our team as appreciated everyone's kindness, understanding and patience as we have been navigating all the changes that impact veterinary medicine. 

I know many of you have been asking the team when will appointments go "back to normal".  Our answer is we don't know, and so we are working as if this is the new "normal".  We are very lucky that we have the technology to support video conferencing and we had been using it for a while before Covid. Services will continue to be provided by telemedicine (videoconference) and when a pet is due for blood work ,or an exam, our team will be talking to you about scheduling a curbside care.  Curbside care is where you come to the practice, we meet you inside of the gated area on the front porch and then we go inside with your pet.  We are using the front exam room, which allows us to open the window and talk to you through the window while maintaining social distancing. You get to see how your pet does and they get to know you are still there!  When we're done, we'll meet you back outside.  Bloodwork gets done, pets can have their physical exams with a doctor and everyone can stay on track with therapy! 

The Yard at TBC is also a space where we are still able to provide services.  We're using this space for puppy classes, puppy socials, and specific behavior therapy appointments. If it's raining or very hot, we have cleared out the large, back consult room to be able to socially distance, while also staying dry! Classes and socials are limited to 1 person per animal and 4 animals total, so we can really spread out.  Behavior therapy that needs to be checked on in person can also be scheduled in The Yard. Masks are required and we focus on maintaining a safe distance for all.  There are also online learning options that we have been doing and will continue to meet the needs of clients who are high risk and minimizing exposure.  We'll be working to keep the calendar updated with all the new stuff! 

Thank you again, for continuing to evolve with us!  Stay safe out there. 

Amanda Schwarzwalder, Practice Manager


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